Julian Dayman

Julian Dayman | Director – Forestry and Agriculture

Julian joined Azure Capital in 2010 and is the founder of Azure’s agriculture advisory business.

Prior to Azure, Julian spent six years, with three as Chief Operating Officer, at Australia’s largest agricultural investment manager. As Chief Operating Officer Julian was responsible for the acquisition, development and management of over A$1 billion of land holdings, agricultural assets, infrastructure and water assets and more than 400 operational agriculture staff.

Previously, Julian had 5 years corporate finance experience in Sydney and Hong Kong with Macquarie Group’s Investment Banking Division.

Julian holds Bachelors of Laws (with Honours) and Economics from the University of Western Australia.

Julian is also a co-owner and Non-Executive Director of a large (10,000 acre) mixed (irrigated and dryland cropping and cattle) farming operation located in Northern NSW (Central East Coast of Australia).

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